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Successful DevOps starts with Organizational Alignment

When implementing DevOps, many companies take a practices-first or culture-first approach. The thought is that if you can install practices, tools, or a culture that will support DevOps initiatives, the rest will follow. Unfortunately, this is the reason DevOps isn’t working for many organizations. Without the underlying organizational design, systems, teams, workflow processes, and alignment on a business goal, DevOps is destined to fail. The key to setting up DevOps for success is selecting the right approach that’s oriented to business goals.


How DevOps Enables Business Architecture Alignment | Matt Van Vleet 11 Min Watch

This video discusses opportunities to implement DevOps practices alongside to improve your metrics, accelerate business alignment, and achieve your desired business goals.

5 Silent Killers of Business Agility 35 Min Watch

In this talk Matt Van Vleet discusses five non-obvious DevOps barriers to Agility in large organizations.

Creating the Conditions for High-Performance Development Teams 35 Min Watch

You only get the full benefits of agile methods and technical practices when certain conditions are met in the organization. Otherwise teams will be forced to make compromises, reducing their performance.

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Keep legacy applications from standing in your way.

How can a “fully Agile” software team learn all the new practices, be re-organized and financed as a product instead of a project, yet still take weeks or months to get a new feature into production? The problem may be embedded in the legacy software itself.