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5 Silent Killers of Business Agility

As more and more companies scramble to untangle the code of their monolithic legacy software and get it into the cloud, strategic priorities are shifting. 10 years ago, it seemed that a little Scrum here and some coaching there would suffice. But as companies scale, as the market shifts and more parts of the business become software-focused, there’s been an increase in demand for an end-to-end solution to help large organizations build infrastructure around sound technical practices.

Today, Agilists must have a plan for incorporating DevOps practices into the early stages of Agile Transformation. But what if we told you there’s a whole class of DevOps considerations that no one is talking about that’s secretly killing your ability to unleash the potential of Agile? Everything from testing, monitoring, and containerization to vendors and the skills of the IT people on your team.

In this talk, we’ll look at what’s left out of the conversation and discuss five non-obvious DevOps barriers to Agility in large organizations. Join us as we explore these obstacles and how you can overcome them. Leave with an actionable roadmap for aligning your technical practices with the work of the Transformation that you can begin implementing today.


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