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This is What an Agile Team is Supposed to Look Like

Watch the video below. Then, check out some of the other content on the page. If you’d like to speak with an actual human at LeadingAgile, click the headshot below to directly email our President, Jim Cundiff.

Does your Agile Lead to Agility 3 Min Read

Stop being so dogmatic about Agile practices. You don’t need more Scrum.

Maximize Throughput and Value Delivered to Your Customers 16 Min Watch

Intentionality in design a system of delivery to ensure that you’re solving the right problems, at the right time.

The Work of a Transformation 1 Min Watch

Remove the impediments and break the dependencies

White Paper
Agile Transformation Whitepaper 74 Min View

Learn what a structured Agile Transformation is supposed to look like.