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Digital Transformation Insights to Reduce Costs and Increase Business Agility

How to Ensure Your Cloud Migration Effort is Aligned with the Rest of Your Business 49 Min Watch

Philippe Bonneton, and Mike Cottmeyer discuss the challenges associated with moving legacy applications into the cloud and how an iterative and incremental change model can help ensure results.

Moving to the Cloud?
Avoid These Common Cloud Transformation Mistakes 44 Min Watch

Discover why cloud transformations are failing as we dig into some of the common mistakes and anti-patterns we’re seeing in market.

A change model for moving legacy systems into the cloud. 40 Min Watch

The effort to move to the cloud is often not cost-effective or it’s becomes more of a hindrance than it is a benefit. This video discusses the some of the challenges associated with moving your applications to the cloud and what you can do about them. 

Succeeding in the Cloud
Navigating the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Explore the three hidden classes of work that no one is talking about when it comes to cloud transformation.