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Watch the On-Demand Webinar Series

In this series, Mike Cottmeyer gets really clear on the patterns we need to apply in order to prepare any organization to become Agile. and how to start planning today for where you want to be tomorrow.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Tim Zack by simply clicking the headshot below.

Tim Zack
Webinar One
Understanding What’s Essential to Agility 57 Min Watch

Teams. Backlogs, and Working Tested Product. These are the foundation of Transformation. Find out what’s getting in the way of the 3 Things, and learn how to remove it.

Webinar Two
Defining Your Agile Destination 60 Min Watch

Understanding the type of company you want to have and the market it serves is critical to developing a strategy & a plan to get to your desired end state.

Webinar Three
Planning Your Agile Journey 60 Min Watch

Learn how to break up a Transformation into smaller, easier to fund increments & create measurable outcomes-based plans that will lead to intermediate victories along the way.

Webinar Four
Embarking on the Agile Trek 57 Min Watch

Discover the true unit of value in a Transformation and learn how to measure it to demonstrate progress & ensure that you’re achieving the business results you’re after.

Position Paper
Improving Enterprise-Level Predictability with Agile

Learn how to get more predictability at scale using Agile.

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Maximize Throughput and Value Delivered to Your Customers 16 Min Watch

Intentionality in design a system of delivery to ensure that you’re solving the right problems, at the right time.

Agile Unplugged EP 3 w/ Mike Cottmeyer & Chris Beale

Discover how our CTO Chris Beale became the Agile leader he is today and listen as he and Mike discuss what’s next for Agile.

Dependencies Prevent Agility 5 Min Read

How do you form Agile Teams? You break the dependencies.