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Digging Deeper Into Our Theory & Approach

While you’re here, be sure to check out our four-part webinar below where Mike Cottmeyer explores all the things you need to consider before embarking on your Agile journey.

If you have any questions simply click the headshot below to email Tim Zack, our CMO, directly.

Tim Zack
What Do Successful Agile Teams Look Like?

Teams in Agile are a very specific construct. Learn about the primary characteristics of successful Agile teams.

Necessary Conditions for Adopting Agile 5 Min Watch

Transformation is about creating the right conditions for teams, backlogs, and working tested product.

A System of Transformation

What is a system of Transformation and how do you plan for it?

Predictability vs Adaptability 6 Min Watch

Learn about the 4 Quadrants and how your Transformation approach is determined by your values and the markets you serve.

Webinar One
Understanding What’s Essential to Agility 57 Min Watch

Teams. Backlogs, and Working Tested Product. These are the foundation of Transformation. Find out what’s getting in the way of the 3 Things, and learn how to remove it.

Webinar Two
Defining Your Agile Destination 60 Min Watch

Understanding the type of company you want to have and the market it serves is critical to developing a strategy & a plan to get to your desired end state.

Webinar Three
Planning Your Agile Journey 60 Min Watch

Learn how to break up a Transformation into smaller, easier to fund increments & create measurable outcomes-based plans that will lead to intermediate victories along the way.

Webinar Four
Embarking on the Agile Trek 57 Min Watch

Discover the true unit of value in a Transformation and learn how to measure it to demonstrate progress & ensure that you’re achieving the business results you’re after.