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Work Bifurcation and Change Control

In this episode, LeadingAgile Senior Consultant, Ross Beurmann shares an approach that involves bifurcating the work of creating the documentation so that we can create and deliver in smaller increments. Those smaller pieces can be modified and maintained in a more efficient manner than they would be in a traditional approach. In the same way that we want to break development work down into small increments, we can also break down the documentation. Ross and Dave also discuss an approach to storing the documentation which allows for an easier approach to change control and maintenance.

Ross has a background in highly regulated environments where the documentation is often treated as being more valuable than the product itself. During the interview, Ross explains how, and why, this approach is so valuable to teams and organizations adopting an Agile approach.

The Iliad

If you’d like to check out The Iliad, Ross recommends the translation by Richmond Lattimore

Contacting Ross

Contacting Dave

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