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Understanding What’s Essential to Agility

There are 3 Things we must do if we want to become the kind of organization that can actually reap the benefits of Agile: forming teams, building backlogs, and producing working, tested product in a specified period of time. The processes of each Agile methodology were designed to enable these 3 Things, but organizational impediments typically get in the way of doing them.

In this webinar, we’ll learn about these The 3 Things and then uncover why you can’t become Agile without them, and how to prepare your organization to remove what’s in the way of doing them.


White Paper
Clarity in the Backlog 20 Min View

Take a deep dive into how you should go about creating clarity in your backlog.

Dependencies Prevent Agility 5 Min Read

How do you form Agile Teams? You break the dependencies.

Maximize Throughput and Value Delivered to Your Customers 16 Min Watch

Intentionality in design a system of delivery to ensure that you’re solving the right problems, at the right time.

Unlocking the Business Benefits of Agile

The key to unlocking the business benefits of Agile is to create the right ecosystem.