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Understanding the Whole

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Most organizations view Agile as a way the delivery teams produce working software. Even when we get agile working well at the team or workgroup level, we often fail to consider how the rest of the organization will need to change to exploit this new delivery capability. Once we have a trustworthy system, one we can delegate into that does what it says it will do, when it says it will do it, what has to change companywide for true business agility?

We will never get true business agility unless we can impact how product marketing and strategy work, strategy articulation and delegation, budgeting and funding, technology and architecture, compliance and controls, talent and culture, and of course, leadership and management style. It’s unfair to ask the organization to change how it governs until the new system is installed and predictable. But what must change once it is?


  • Operating Model
  • Product Management
  • Strategy Delegation
  • Budgeting and Funding
  • Technology and Architecture
  • Compliance and Controls
  • Talent and Culture
  • Leadership


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