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Understanding The Impact Of Your Investment

When large enterprises make the decision to invest in Agile Transformation they often do so with the expectation that it will have some positive impact on their ability to deliver. In theory, if we can deliver more of the right things in shorter time frames at a higher quality level, that should provide some kind of quantifiable return on investment.

When the conversation turns to the question of “How is the transformation going?” it is common to focus on metrics that center around how many teams or groups within the organization have begun adopting Agile practices, where they are in the journey towards Agile, how individual teams are performing, etc. But what is often harder to understand is what is the benefit, or return on the investment it is making in Agile Transformation.

To put it simply, we’re spending money, we’re doing the things… but what kind of financial (or other) impact is that money having on the organization and on our system of delivery?

In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile Principal Consultant, Doug Spencer joins Dave for a conversation about some of the ways you can begin to measure and quantify the impact of an Agile Transformation on your organization at the portfolio level.

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