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Tying the Investment Tier Back to Agile Delivery

In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile Managing Consultant, Matt Smith, joins Dave for a conversation about why we need to make sure that the investment made in portfolio tiers of the organization ties directly back to Agile delivery, and how we can make sure that is happening. If you are an executive who has responsibility for making decisions about where and how the organization makes strategic investments across the portfolio, this interview may expose some areas of focus that you may want to give more attention.

Many organizations introduce Agile, and begin funding Transformation, at the team level, but they fail to ensure that they’ve created an environment and organizational system that can support those teams, and/or teams who are working on things without understanding why because they don’t have visibility into how they link back to company strategy. This makes it difficult for them to make the best possible choices when developing a product. Throughout the podcast, Matt and Dave talk through examples of how detrimental this disconnect between the head and the body of an organization can be.

Making sure there is a direct line from investment to execution is critical to ensuring you are maximizing the value your organization (and your clients) are getting from your Agile delivery mechanism.


Contacting Matt Smith

Contacting Dave Prior

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