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Prioritizing the Work to Maximize Return

This week, on SoundNotes, we’ve got Part 3 of a trio of interviews with LeadingAgile Chief Methodologist and Co-Founder Dennis Stevens. The series focuses on how to build an organization that can embrace change. In the final episode of the series, Dennis and Dave cover how to prioritize work being done to maximize return.

During the interview, they discuss how prioritization at all levels of the organization can support the ability to inspect and adapt and how some lingering traditional approaches to work, compensation, and prioritization can have a negative impact on your organization’s ability to embrace change.


If you’d like to check out the first two parts of this interview:

Here are links to the two other podcasts mentioned during the interview:

Here is a link to the article he co-authored for Harvard Business Review

Contacting Dennis Stevens

Contacting Dave Prior

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