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How to Ensure Your Cloud Migration Effort is Aligned with the Rest of Your Business

The larger and more established your company is, the harder it is to do a cloud migration. Many companies are trying, and many are struggling to do it in a cost-effective and sticky way. In fact, more than half of companies who have made moves into the cloud are already going back on-prem. Our COO, Philippe Bonneton, and Mike Cottmeyer sit down to discuss the challenges associated with moving monolithic legacy applications into the cloud and how an iterative and incremental change model can help you plan out a cloud migration and ensure success.

In this video

0:00 Intro

6:48 Challenges of Monolithic Cloud Migration

18:28 What Do Technology and Organizational Transformation Have in Common?

25:22 How to Get Early ROI on Cloud Migration

35:12 Cost Optimizing Cloud Migration

42:45 In Search of the Composable Enterprise