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How Managers Empower Agile Teams

Empowering your teams isn’t about allowing them to make decisions in a vacuum and giving them free rein to do whatever they want. The days of providing a little guidance here, some methodology there, and letting the teams self-organize their way to success are behind us. As the world of business increases in complexity, it will take more than user stories, estimation, and OKRs to build a trustworthy system that management can delegate into.

But if managers want a trustworthy system, it’ll be up to them to create it. You see, the real work of a manager is to understand that each team is different, then find ways to continuously elevate the teams to meet their collective needs, all while creating the conditions for the teams to thrive. Join Dennis Stevens for this talk, where you’ll learn the secret to creating a high-trust environment where teams have what they need to live boldly, work fearlessly, and deliver the highest quality work for your customers while releasing maximum value into your business.

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