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Case Study: Fintech

When we started release cycles were 14 weeks and were bundled with 160 points worth of work. By focusing on the highest value items and building both iteratively and incrementally, Client was able to reduce time and size to 20 points every two weeks. In addition to delivering more projects, Client’s teams got better at breaking┬álarger initiatives into smaller, value-added deliverables and releasing them to market faster.


Unlocking the Business Benefits of Agile

The key to unlocking the business benefits of Agile is to create the right ecosystem.

White Paper
Develop a Strategy to Embrace Change: Slide Deck 31 Min View

The only viable strategy is to become the type of organization that can operate with Agility

An Abundance of Initiatives

Change is beyond our control. Discovering and adapting to those changes is our choice to make.

Business Risk in a Portfolio of Investments

The next level of effective management is figuring out how to manage risk.