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Agile Procurement in the Public Sector

In many organizations, the group responsible for procurement, and the processes they follow, were established under a traditional (waterfall) approach. The way in which goods and services are requested, contracted, approved and acquired can be an odd fit with an Agile approach. In the public sector, this can prove even more challenging due to oversight, bureaucracy, and a variety of other factors.

In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile’s, Nathan Hummel, joins Dave to talk about some of the issues that crop up when an organization in the public sector begins working on how to handle procurement as they move towards a more Agile approach to work. During the interview, they dig into what makes Agile procurement different in the public sector, what kind of challenges you can expect to face and what steps you can take to begin resolving them.

Contacting Nathan

Contacting Dave

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